Local Day Laborer Jose Ucelo Has His Deportation Case Closed!

Sat, Feb 2, 2013


{Jose Ucelo with his son / photo cred: Selene Rivera}

Remember the local day laborer named Jose Ucelo who was picked up for a job in March of last year near the Home Depot in Anaheim off Brookhurst and Crescent? A lawsuit alleges that after ten hours of toil, his employer Michael Tebb accused him of robbery and paid him not even a dime for his work. Ucelo was arrested by Garden Grove police. Charges were dropped but not before he was transferred to an immigration detention facility where a possible deportation loomed. An update from National Day Laborer Organizing Network‘s Pablo Alvarado brings us the latest:

“We have wonderful news!  Jose Ucelo Gonzalez’s deportation case was closed! ICE granted prosecutorial discretion. Jose no longer faces imminent deportation. And his one-year-old son no longer risks losing his father. We all know that Jose never should have been placed into deportation proceedings in the first place. Like the 400,000 plus people deported last year, he was the victim of a rogue immigration agency that is spreading Arizona-like policies across the country. That’s why we’re asking for a suspension of deportations during the immigration reform debate, so that families stop going through what Jose’s did.”

For those who agree with NDLON that immigration reform should begin with an immediate moratorium on deportations, the organization is circulating a petition demanding that for all like-minded people to sign!

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