Unmask a Chola!

Sat, Nov 6, 2010


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Take this as a testament to how firme you REAL Mexicanas/Chicanas are. They all wanna be like you!

I’m not going to waste too much time on the hotly discussed news of internet persona “Ask a Chola” being outed as a wealthy white woman going by the name of Chloe Michalopolous who lives the lofty life in one of Santa Ana’s gentrifying ‘urban revitalization’ projects. For a succinct summary of the whole controversy that unfolded this week visit “Ask a Mexican” Gustavo Arellano’s take over at the OC Weekly Navel Gazing blog. I will say this, however. I was duped by a Ask a Chola. For years, I assumed Chloe was a Chicana/Mexicana taking a shot at political satire with her whole presentation (green bandanna, eyeliner, white ‘wifebeater,’ weak approximation of a Chola “accent”) I hadn’t watched all her YouTube videos – some are ok, most are whack – but now that I have, and now possessing the full knowledge of who she really is, what was she thinking?

A couple of bullet points:

  • Chloe kept her true identity tightly under wraps and even claimed in 2007 that she was a 26 year old woman named Soledad from East Los Angeles. What a mentirosa! She will never account for this. She can’t.
  • Being a white woman of privilege puts an entirely new perspective on videos such as the episode where she nonsensically argues against undocumented people having a driver’s license through some psuedo-anarchist stupidities.
  • In Chloe’s pathetic defense, she peddled silly notions in essence claiming foolish things such as race, ethnicity and other identities are socially constructed so you can be whoever you want to be. Race is indeed a social construct and functions with the reality of marginalization that comes with it. Nothing illustrates her white privilege perspectives more than this lack of understanding – and with all that college education too!
  • As if her defense of her ruse wasn’t bad enough, Chloe took the opportunity to lecture upset Raza that they should focus on more important things like the shit going on in Arizona. Thanks for the condescension. It shows, once again, what planet she lives on. As if Raza can’t decipher on their own a hierarchy of importance in terms of their own self-determination! Give me a break!

All right, bullet points are done…there’s just one last thing. I place ultimate blame on all of this on the newly re-elected Mayor of Santa Ana Don Papi Pulido! Ugly high rise lofts built in historic barrios, imported self-important “artists” living in them while homegrown grassroots community-based gente go ignored; this is just another day in the life of the ‘Pulidiato.’ The green bandanna is off and the true face of Don Papi’s “renaissance” is there for all to see!

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