Dat Foo Loogs Lieg #4: MLK Jr. Frozen in Carbonite

Mon, Oct 17, 2011


In this fourth installment of ‘Dat Foo Loogs Lieg’ donpalabraz.com once again dabbles in the irresistible urge to compare two things that are too similar for their own good. On Sunday, the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial was officially dedicated in Washington D.C. There’s some good to be said about the day, including the fact that the statue is the only one in the vicinity not constructed in honor of a president, but a civil rights leader instead. Aside from that, however, the corporate sponsors, whom King’s philosophy does not coordinate well with at all, topped with Wall Street President Barack Obama’s cynical speech makes the occasion yet another moment in which the man has been largely sanitized of his radicalism.

From the moment I first saw the statue, visions of Han Solo frozen in carbonite came immediately to mind! In the end, I guess the comparison is rather fitting, both in style and substance…

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