Radical OC Mixtape Radio #9

Sat, Jul 14, 2012

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As summer rolls along, this month brings faithful listeners a special edition Música en Movimiento Mixtape! That’s right, the sounds of the music and arts festival scheduled to take place Saturday, July 28 at El Centro Cultural de Mexico in downtown SanTana are highlighted in this ninth episode of Radical OC Mixtape Radio. The event will bring together various musicians, community organizations and activists from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. all in the effort of elevating our social consciousness and getting involved. In the featured Música en Movimiento block we hear tracks from concert headliner Maya Jupiter as well as Edificador, Endz, Cham Kerem de SanTana and activist speaker Carlos Montes.

In addition to the festival highlight, Radical OC Mixtape Radio is giving some serious shine to Levantate, the latest album from Cuban hip-hop super duo Krudas Cubensi. Bringing it all to a close is Breadman with a unique cut from the emerging realm of Krip-Hop simply titled “Disabled.” Stream the mixtape, spread the word, and share it on Twitter and Facebook!

 *Aspiring MCs in OC, got a track you want me to play? Hit me up at radicalocmixtape[at]gmail.com with an mp3, soundcloud, bandcamp, or reverbnation page with your music.*

Playlist: 1. Krudas Cubensi – Medios 2. Maya Jupiter – Phenomenal 3. Edificador – Que Linda Vida 4. Cham Kerem – Verbal Abuse 5. Endz – Lessons 6. Krudas Cubensi – Desterradas 7. Krudas Cubensi – Bestia 8. Breadman – Disabled

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