Anti-GMO “Label It Yourself” Movement Emerges in the Wake of Prop 37′s Defeat

Fri, Nov 9, 2012

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In the wake of the defeat of Proposition 37 this Tuesday, which, if passed, would have required the labeling of most genetically modified foods in the state, many are pondering what comes next? The angered among them have suggested a boycott against biotech bullies like Monsanto who produce GMO products and waged an effective propaganda campaign ensuring the prop would drop at the polls. For months, activists haven’t waited on corporations or government for the answer, opting instead for direct action tactics. The nationwide Label It Yourself (LIY) movement has been literally “sticking it” to frankenfoods with downloadable open source GMO warning labels for anyone to take into grocery stores!

Read more about the campaign on my latest OC Weekly Stick a Fork In It Blog post:

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