Radical OC Mixtape Radio 12

Mon, Nov 19, 2012

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Celebrating one year of Radical OC Mixtape Radio from November 2011-2012! With Anaheim cracking down on yard sales while shelling out millions on resort area developments, what track better to kick off this episode than “Korokoza” by Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka? In the Shona language, ‘korokoza’ means ‘to hustle’ and that’s what people do in hard times from Harare to the Heim! Following that opening statement, the mixtape turns to a music block reppin’ OC and LBC with music from Critic, Rage and Dellue. Next, Radical OC comes with the spoken word poetry courtesy of Sarah Rafael Garcia before ending with MC Gabylonia from Caracas, Venezuela and LA’s Wicked Babydoll closing everything out. Listen up and spread the word! Next time, the mixtape is coming back rechristened as “Rebel OC Radio!” Stay tuned…

*Aspiring MCs in OC, got a track you want me to play? Hit me up at radicalocmixtape[at]gmail.com with an mp3, soundcloud, bandcamp, or reverbnation page with your music.*

Playlist: 1. Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka – Korokoza 2. Critic – Handkerchief 3. Rage – Goin Crazy 4. Dellue – Soul Clinic 5. Sarah Rafael Garcia f/ Edifica – Xicana Queen 6. Gabylonia – Baby 7. Wicked Babydoll – Fuck Authority

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