Niko Black Won’t Surrender Her Fight Over Controversial Home Eviction

Thu, Dec 6, 2012

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An Apache woman, Niko Black speaks proudly of the hero of her people: Geronimo, the iconic warrior who battled both the Mexican and American governments as they encroached on his tribe’s lands at the end of the 19th century. His only regret, delivered on his deathbed as an elderly prisoner of war in 1909, was that he ultimately surrendered in the fierce fight for his people’s land to which he would never return. More than a century later, Black can see her own deathbed in the horizon, as she’s in the final stages of a rare, especially malignant form of breast cancer that has left her largely confined to a wheelchair. But in her dying days, Black shows no signs of surrendering in her struggle to return to the place she has called home for decades, a modest house with cobblestone sidings and cactus plants in an otherwise-quiet residential neighborhood in Garden Grove that became the scene of a full-scale invasion on the morning of Oct. 10.

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