Jenni Rivera’s Death Mourned by Local Day Laborer Activist Group

Mon, Dec 10, 2012


{Singing in Arizona / Photo cred: Alto Arizona}

Upon the news of the tragic death of Jenni Rivera, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network has released a statement. In addition to being La Diva de la Banda, Rivera marched in Arizona against SB 1070 before giving a performance to demonstrators, a fact not lost on the activist group as they released the following today:

Everyone at the National Day Laborer Organizing Network is mourning the loss of Jenni Rivera. She not only made an impact through her music but through taking a strong stand for Latinas and for immigrants and against discrimination and laws like SB1070. We are forever grateful to her for marching with us in Arizona and she will always be remembered. Our hearts go out to her family and everyone else around the world who is grieving her loss.

Her pro-immigrant rights stances are surely being omitted by mainstream media who are just barely discovering the singer in death. Those who stood side-by-side with Rivera in Arizona know her as the woman who told the crowd “Before getting on this stage, I was marching with my people, as a proud Mexican.”

And we as a people are proud of her life and music left behind! #QEPD #JenniRivera

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